Monday, August 27, 2012

Amazing finds at a local gaming flea market

I attended a local flea market that was primarily a board game centered event and I ended up with a ton of miniatures.  I was surprised, there were quite a few gems I was able to snag.

  • 1500 + points of Necrons with a tablewar case
  • A huge pile of Epic models, both space marine and orks.
  • A bag of OOP Dark Eldar for way cheap.
  • Some Chaos Renegades that look like first edition models.
  •  ...and the highlight, a Mark I land raider.  This is the second land raider of this variety I have, and just in time for the new chaos book. 


  1. Awesome finds indeed! Those tracked Ordinatus things in the second picture top left especially are pretty rare.

  2. I wasn't even sure what they are, couldn't find them online.