Monday, July 15, 2013

Third Riptide posed and done

I decided I would pick up another Riptide so I could use the formation in Apocalypse games.  With the updated rules being released I am assuming it will be easier to find games and I should take advantage of doing at least one formation.  The Riptide formation, unlike a lot of Apocalypse, only requires 3 models, a very reasonably sized unit. 

Since I had done my first and second as a rather aggressive and defense poses, I decided to do something in the middle.  I thought it would be a great chance to do something more scenic, and maybe even a Riptide crouching.  It came out reasonably the way I wanted it, though due to the nature of the legs you can only compress them so much.  Overall I got some great feedback and I am happy, which is the most important part.

I started off by building a square building, laying on it's side, so the Riptide would have something to stand on.

 I then added some additional parts to the building for character and mounted the legs.
 Continuing the pose, I decided to try and make it look as if the Riptide has just jumped onto the debris, and is balancing itself to move again.

The finished model.  It came out taller than a normal riptide, though only by a few inches. 

All three Riptides, hanging out like a boy band.

Bonus picture.  Three Crisis suits I hacked up their legs and arms to repose.


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