Monday, August 19, 2013

Tau Riptides with MaskFX digital camo masking

I spent some time this weekend getting the camo scheme down on two of my Tau Riptides.  The MaskFX digital camo masking worked about as well as it did before.  It seems to really not like curved surfaces.  I experimented a bit with using multiple pieces to hold itself down, and I was somewhat successful.

I think I am going to use some foam to ding up the camo even more so the over spray doesn't show up so prominently.   It's a great product when it works, I am just having way too much trouble getting it to stay put. 

Just like my earlier post you can see how some of the masking has already pealed up after putting it down on the rest of the model.  I ended up just accepting it on these models and I'm going to weather them to cover it up.

After spraying the base coat and then masking.  Masking took around 40 minutes since I used so many pieces.

 After spraying the second coat, the more prominent color, on top.

Peeling off the masking.  I use a combination of my hobby knife and tweezers, depending on the location and how it is sticking.

After peeling off the masking I was left with the below.

I then proceeded to repeat the process on my second riptide.  The project ended up taking most of a morning and an afternoon. 

After finishing spraying I started on the second step, adding Nuln Oil shade ( with some flo-aid) to the cracks to begin the laborious lining process.  It is such a pain but it really does make the model pop.


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