Friday, August 30, 2013

Planning for Celisticon 2013 - Big Jim's Narrative Event

I think I've gotten my list squared away for Big Jim's Narrative Event at Celisticon this weekend.  This is my fourth time playing in his events and I am super excited.  They have all been a blast.  The last one I played in at the BAO earlier this year was the first time I really used Ralph (my Chaos Warhound Titan) and last year's Celisticon was the game was when I faced a Warhound on the table and decided I had to have one (no regrets).

Yesterday I started working on my army list and looking at the scenario, troops are going to be very important.  My army list starts with subtracting out the points for Raph, leaving me with 1380 for the list.

Besides Ralph I have take my huge unit of Zombies which means Typhus is coming along for the ride. The zombies always go in my figure case one because they are of my favorite units I have ever built, being a kitbash of several GW kits.  I want two units of plague marines for grabbing objectives.  With the remaining points I decided to go with a Demon Prince and a unit of Terminators.  Once again,  I decided to bring these models since I like them.  As my chaos isn't the most competitive army out there (the heldrakes are staying home), I wanted to bring the models I wanted to look at, outside of my display case.  I did contemplate brining the Decimator instead of the Demon Prince but as I haven't used the Demon Prince in a while I think I'd like to see him on the table.

My List

  • Typhus
  • Demon Prince (Nurgle, Wings, Psyker)
  • 5 Nurgle Terminators
  • 30 Plague Zombies
  • 6 Plaguemarines (Rhino, 2 plasma guns)
  • 6 Plaguemarines (Rhino, 2 plasma guns)
Super Heavy
  • Chaos Warhound Titan
Another benefit to this list is that I won't have to bring a ton of stuff. While I am hamstringing myself with no helldrakes or maulerfiends this army will be pretty easy to transport.  Since I am bringing some terrain for the event I wanted an easy to transport list so I don't have a ton of stuff to carry.


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