Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Painted Blood Ravens are on the chopping block

With sixth edition bearing down us in the next few months I've decided I need to clean out my stable.  I am going to post up two or three of my armies, trying to thin it down as I know with sixth I will want to do something new.  Right now I have way too many painted armies.  Here they are, in order of newness.
  • Space Wolves
  • Grey Knights (Sort of a Draigowing)
  • Imperial Guard
  • Chaos Space Marines (Mostly Nurgle)
  • Blood Ravens (Blood Angels)
  • Space Marine Company
The Blood Ravens, while one of my favorite armies from a lore and play style, are one of the easiest to get rid of, as they are my oldest army and the paint job reflects it.  I did it before I knew about washes, line highlighting, and a few other methods that while it wasn't a bad paint job it frustrates me to look at now.

Below are a few last pictures I took before they get sacrificed on the altar of eBay.  I hope whoever gets them enjoys them as much I did. 


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