Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally rolled some dice

I haven't had much time (or desire) to do much dice rolling lately.  I think I was a bit burned out on the whole space wolves project, and it killed my urge to game lately. I'm back in it, though of the square base variety.

I took my Warriors of Chaos and my Son and his Skaven down to our local GW store where they do a beginners day every Sunday.  We played a game and we actually had some help to learn how to play the right way.  We've struggled through a few games, but they go slow as we look up rules and there is almost no actual tactics, just smash our models into each other. 

 The store manager was able to sit down with us during parts of the game and walk my Son through how to beat my face in with his Skaven.  While seeing my poor models get destroyed it was a great experience for him to see what he has to do with his army.


  1. This looks cool! I haven't yet learned how to play Fantasy myself :)

    1. I picked it up at the end of last year. Partly because I am tired of 5th ed 40k and partly because my Son (who hasn't shown much interest in 40k) wanted to try it. Anything to roll dice with him is worth a shot in my book.