Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Space Wolf Thunderwolf Calvary on the table

I was able to give my Thunderwolf Cavalry a try on the table last weekend.  I knew they were going to dish out some pain but I didn't realize how bad they could be. They only beat up some sisters, so I didn't have to face any powerfists and I am sure they will cause me some problems in the future.  I didn't realize how different their movement is (slow regular movement, and long charge) from most units, and it took me a few turns to get the hang of it. 

We played one of the battle missions, pillage, from the Chaos section.  It had an interesting mechanic where you got points for touching an objective at the end of each of opponents turn.  This was a bit different than the normal just hold it at the end of the game mission.

The setup.  You can see the gold objectives on the board (one is about 8 inches in front of the rhino in the lower left).
 After the second turn. The mission forced you to put your army in reserves, I got most of what I needed, except my long fangs, on the second turn.
 My Thunderwolf Calvary chased a unit off the objective in the middle and headed over to attack another unit.  On the left you can't see it, but outflanking units wrecked my Long Fangs and I had to send some Grey Hunters after them.

 The outflanking units proved to be difficult to blow up and kept tank shocking me.
 My opponent moved a few units in trying to get my Grey Hunters off this objective, the Thunderwolf Calvary came in and simultaneously destroyed two units of sisters before they could shoot my unit off the objective.

 The game ended with me holding two objectives, my opponent had one (I had just tank shocked a unit off of one) and a score of 8-6.  It was a close game, and if a few things had not gone my way I would have lost.  This army is such a forgiving army to mistakes, it is no wonder it has done so well in the competitive scene for so long.


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