Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thunderwolf Calvary Assembly - Part 2

I finished up the assembly of the riders last night.  To sum it up, they were difficult.  Part of the difficulty was that I am planning on painting the riders separate from the wolves, and that means I have to line up the rider's poses without glue and that made things very complicated.  I was able to finish them, though it took me about 30 minutes a rider.  I am a pretty slow modeler, but even for me that was way too long for a small unit like this one to spend in one chunk.  

I decided to attach the saddle to the rider, as GW had put on the saddle, A, B or C to signify which rider/saddle went with each wolf.  What I did, was then to carve into the bottom of the base a mark to indicate which Wolf model it was.

Here is the bottom of the rider's saddle and the bottom of the base, I used a hobby knife to just carve in an A, B or C. 

I am not sure how I am going to do the fur, as I think there has to be a better way then base, wash, highlight, so I am waiting until I can ask some of the more experienced painters I know how they do fur.


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