Monday, March 19, 2012

Painting Thunderwolf Calvary - Part 5

As you can see from the pictures I've almost finished up my Thunderwolf unit.  When I run them in an 1850 I only needed 4, though I thought I might as well do 6 so I can have some options.  This is one of the first armies I've actually painted above an 1850 so that I do have choices later on. 

I need to add some decals and also clean up some of their armor where my brush didn't quite go where it was supposed to.  The purity seals need a bit of more and their weapons need some highlighting.  I should be done completely with these guys either tonight or Tuesday.  I've been rushing these guys so I can get in some games with them on Saturday(3/24/12).  My local GW is having a secret "event" that day (as if we all don't know it's the launch of their new paints) and I want to finally be able to put these guys on the table.  Once you go fully painted, it is really hard to go back to bare plastic...

 I also finished up another unit of Grey Hunters, and some replacements for the power fists I am replacing in the other units.


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