Monday, March 12, 2012

Thunderwolf Calvary - WIP of new GW models

As an absolute whim I picked up two boxes of Thunderwolves yesterday.  Even though I still have to finish another squad of Grey Hunters and a Rhino, and finish the Land Speeder's my desire to see these new kits was too much to suppress.  Let's not even talk about the thirty points of Warmachine I need to finish.

These models so far have been really easy to assemble.  Other then the paws being separate pieces they go together relatively quickly, and are dynamic enough that with some careful painting no two will look alike.  There are three different poses/models, so I will have two of each.  I am planning on doing three different "wolf" colors, and make sure that each model has a different pose and color combination, so that the models will each look unique.  Right now I am considering Dark Grey, Black, Brown and Light Grey as my color choices.

On with pictures!  This first picture has the "Thousand Sons" plastic head that is fueling some of the latest Chaos Rumors.


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