Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Painting a Chaos Manticore - Airbrush time

After my game last weekend, I picked up some of the new Citadel paints to try painting my Manticore and rider for my Warriors of Chaos army.  I decided to try painting a purple into red scheme, I haven't done anything like this before, so I got some advice on colors and techniques from the store's very talented manager.  I can't say enough good things about this store and this guy.  He is an amazing painter and is always willing to walk you through some pretty advanced methods, and break it down into a simple step by step that even a klutz like me can do.

I had actually pulled out my airbrush a couple of nights before, but found it was a bit clogged up to actually use.  After half an hour of cleaning and reassembly, and it still being clogged, I decided to soak some bits of it overnight in cleaner.  Sure enough, that did the trick. 

I picked up 4 paints to use.  First coat was Naggaroth Night, a base.  I sprayed this on the entire model.
I then sprayed Xereus purple on the top 3/4 of the model.This came out very subtle, and I am hoping the glaze coats I am going to do will  help bring it out.
I then coated Screamer Pink on the top 2/3 of the model.  This was the first "red" color.

The final coat was Wazdakka red.

My next step is to work on the mane, which I have two yellows I am going to lay down tonight. So far I am very pleased with how it's coming out.


  1. Looks good man can't wait to see it finnished bit scared to take the plunge with airbrushing myself but looks like a very promising start for you mate.

    1. I love the airbrush. It can be a pain, but nothing lets you lay down paint as smooth and as clean as an airbrush. You just have to cut the paint right (the new GW stuff sprays a lot better, then the prior formula) and clean your brush after each use.