Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Retail stores may not get Collector's editions of sixth edition Warhammer 40k

Update:  The store I ordered my copy of the collectors edition from claims the below isn't the case for them, as of 6/28/12.  

According to a post up on the Warhammer section of Reddit, a local store was told that all Collector's editions were allocated to web sales.

"My GW rep just called, and told me that Web Sales took ALL the collectors and gamers editions, even though I'd preordered an allotment for my store, the web orders got my supply.
So if you preordered from your FLGS, check to see if they're getting any...
I asked about shortages for the standard book, and he said they still have plenty, and didn't forsee any shortage.
I also asked about FAQs, and he said "No idea, but the marines are pretty well updated in the core book" which was the only thing he'd tried personally, so far."

Hopefully this isn't true.  Otherwise there will be a lot of upset gamers on Friday.




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