Monday, June 11, 2012

Surprise visitor - Khador Conquest Colossal in person

A few folks at the game store I play Warmachine at,  Black Diamond Games, brought back a few Colossals from Lock and Load. I got a chance to take a look at the Khador one in person, though the Cygnar one wasn't put together yet.

In person it's even better then the pictures online.  While most of the pictures I have seen make it look much bigger then even a behemoth, given the price I thought they were a bit small.

Getting to see the model first hand I've changed my mind completely.    These are the perfect size and look like beasts on the tabletop.   The only unfortunate thing about this specimen was the gloss spray on  it..  To me gloss sheen is a huge detractor, really taking away from the looks of the model. 

Using the same  advanced tank weathering techniques I used on my Baneblade is going to make this model look amazing.  Basing it could be a concern as I'd like to come up with a dramatic basing job for the model.  I did a wreck marker for my Behemoth base and I would like to top that.  Maybe standing on a whole jack?  Crushing a battle engine could be cool though that might be a bit much.  

The end of July is coming up quick. Can't wait...


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