Thursday, May 24, 2012

Behemoth on Menoth Wreck Marker Painted

I spent some time this week finishing up the Khador Behemoth I had mounted on the Menoth Wreck Marker that I wrote about earlier.   As I like both how the model looks and how it plays, I coudln't wait to get it painted up. 

Like all warjacks painting up the Behemoth was a mix of infantry and tank painting techniques.    I did end up painting it pretty close to how it's pictured in the book, I figure that because it's a character warjack it should look pretty close to the art, as there is only one of this guy out there pounded heads.

I went with a Grey primer, and I used multiple coats as this model contained so much metal.
 I fired up the airbrush and put a coat of the Khador base red.
 I then put a coat  of the Khador highlight color on top of it.   It's a subtle effect, and hard to see in pictures.

  I then gave it a wash of Secret Weapon Miniatures "Dark Sepia".  It really brings the color down, helps add in shadowing and make the model look more "used".  I can't say enough about the washes that Secret Weapon makes, they are great.  Good pigments, and amazing flow.  After the wash I painted the metal bits with P3 Cold Steel.   This was my first time using a P3 metal, and I had heard from the guy I learn most of my painting techniques from that they kind of suck, and I should have listened.  Poor coverage, and very meh.  The opposite of the rest of the line, while I have really been impressed with most of the P3 paints, the metals are clearly a weak link.

I then added some GW badab black to the metal bits, as well as painting the black bits. 

 Time for a bit of hobby magic.  I added highlights and painted up the base.

 I decided, after some feedback, that my "blue glowing" bits/gears was a bit distracting, and decided to change it to more traditional gears.  I used some MIG pigments and Secret Weapon Miniatures pigments to add metal and black to it.
 The model, before chipping and basing.

 I began the process of chipping the armor, using the torn foam method.

I then highlighted the chipping with some GW chainmail to show paint that has been chipped to the metal.

 The base before adding snow.
 The base with snow and grass. This will help tie the model together with the rest of the army
 Finally done!!


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