Friday, May 4, 2012

Painting Khador Warjacks

I've spent some time this week chipping away at my two Khador Warjacks.  I have a destroyer and a Juggernaut, both from the two player starter set that I bought last year.  It took a while for Warmachine to stick with me, there is a lot about it I still don't like, but it's finally caught on for me personally.

 I'm still unsure how much I really like this game, or I just need something other then Games Workshop, but either way I've been allocating focus for a few weeks and I can't get enough.   The only problem  is I only had one unit out of my list painted, so I decided I needed to put some brush time in.

I had already airbrushed my entire 35 point Khador list with a few red base coats, so a good chuck of the work has been done.

I started by giving the models a coat of Dark Sepia wash by Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I wanted my Warjacks to look very used, so this helped add some dirt to the model.  I also used some Boltgun Metal to paint the metal bits, Tin Bitz on the exhaust, and a Brass color on the heads/spikes.  Badab black went on all the metal surfaces (except axes, that got some of the new Games Workshop blue glaze) and another highlight of mithril silver to pick out raised edges went on the fists and guns.   I am pretty happy with how they turned out, it was about seven or eight hours to get both of these guys on the table, which for me is pretty quick.


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