Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finecast Drama - Letter I wrote to Games Workshop

I've blogged about my recent problems with Finecast at length, with multiple posts recently.  During my last call to Games Workshokp, the representative asked me to return the miscast parts.  He sent a return label, so that I can send them to him.  He didn't say it, but I am wondering if he was doubting my claim.

What I decided to do, besides sending the parts, was send some of the pictures I posted, detailing the probelems.  I also realized...this was a good time to write a letter!!

I am under no delusion that it will do anything, most likely it will get tossed in the trash by this customer service represnative.  Though, as an American, I feel somehow better writing my angry letter to a business I feel slighted me.

I've included the letter below, and I would encourage others to take a minute and rant like I did.  I genuinly feel better for having done it.   I did remove names because the internet is, from what I hear, not a great place to post actual names.

May 10, 2012

Mr. X
Games Workshop
6211 East Holmes Road
Memphis, TN 38141

Dear Mr. X,

Since hearing of the implementation of Finecast I greatly anticipated this change by Games Workshop.  The first model I purchased was a Draigo model that I had previously purchased in metal.  I was so impressed with the weight; I decided to replace models, simply because of the greater ease in transportation of the Finecast material.  Even though this first model had some casting issues, as did its replacement, I accepted these at growing pains from a new product.   

One year later, it is clear to me that these problems are no longer growing pains. My recent experience with the Hellcannon has been beyond frustrating.  After receiving a kit that contained ten miscast pieces, eight of the ten replacements had issues.  As someone who works in manufacturing, I have some experiences with quality control and production.  New processes are always difficult; I understand that it can be difficult to anticipate problems when you move from the testing to full production phases of new process. 

What I do not understand, is why these defective models are making their way into customer’s hands.  As a manufacturer, I would be embarrassed beyond belief if my customers received a product as inferior as some of these miscasts are.  A cursory glance at the parts I received in the Hellcannon box (or the replacements sent) by an employee tasked with quality control would reveal these problems, ranging from small bubbles to large pieces of the model missing.    

It is becoming clear to me that Games Workshop either doesn’t perform quality control checks on its production lines, or that its quality control guidelines are way outside what I, as a customer, consider acceptable. 

I don’t want Finecast to go away, like some would.  That’s not the solution I want to see as Finecast is a great product, but something needs to change.  What I would hope Games Workshop to begin to do is either fix the process that causes these miscasts, or if that is impossible or not feasible, instill some sort of quality control that approaches the expectations of customers like myself.  I would also hope that you would share my thoughts with your colleagues and managers as you see fit. 

Very Truly Yours,


Attachments :
1)    Photos of the replacement parts I received


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