Thursday, May 31, 2012

Painting Retribution of Scyrah Myrmidons

I took a break last weekend from the Khador project to paint up some Retribution of Scryah models I had picked up when my wife showed some interest in the game.  They are a nice change of pace from the dirty red paint style of my Khador.  The clean lines of the models lend themselves to putting down layers  with airbrush quite well.

I had picked up the paint set as a basis, and it included the three basic colors I used for the base coat and highlights.

I started by priming with white.  I went with white due to the color palate I knew I would be working with.I  then put down the first color, which was Arcane Blue.
After the Arcane Blue I laid a coat of Underbelly Blue, being careful to keep it out of the cracks of the joints and recesses.
 The last color I used was Morrow White.  I ended up putting some more on after the below picture, as I just didn't think it came out white enough.


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