Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Building a Chaos Aegis Defence Line

One of the units I built for my Chaos army was an Aegis Defence Line.  I didn't think it would look right to use it "as is" so I spent some time defacing it.  I thought when I first started the build I would add chaos iconography and other "nurgly" bits.  After starting I decided I would leave it more generic, so I could use it with other "non" imperial armies I might play.  I hate building the same thing twice, unless I have to, so the idea of having a model I could use in multiple armies seemed worth the cost of not having a custom fortification for each army. 

The first thing I did, after assembly, was to remove the imperial logos.  There are quite a few, as each slit has an eagle under it.  I decided this would be a good time to "battle damage" them as well.  Using a dremel I wore off the logos and also damaged up the pieces.  I then used some liquid green stuff to add some texture, which I hoped would look like distressed metal.

 I then based it the parts in  GW leadbelcher, and then added some brass edging.

 I then washed the unit with the same wash I used on my nurgle army, a 1 part Nuln Oil/1 part Agrax Earthshade/1 part medium mixture. 
 When that was done I went over all of the models with the sepia wash. This gave it a very nice distressed metal look.
 I went over some of the bolts with some clean metal, to highlight them.  I then washed the gun itself with some additional wash to build up some character to the metal.  It's not the most amazing thing I've done, but I think it will work and looks a lot better then the standard metal with black wash I've seen a lot of folks doing recently.


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