Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finished my Nurgle Army - Now with Lightbox Pictures

I finished up my first 6th edition army, a Chaos Space Marine force a few weeks ago, prior to playing in the big narrative game, though I didn't have time to take some good pictures.  I pulled out the lightbox and fired up the camera.  This is by far the army I've been the happiest with.  I think it's normal to get better over time,and this is the first army I've done that I look at and I'm super excited about.  Now all I have to do is actually use the damn thing in a game.  I've only used it twice, and both were large apocalypse style games, so I really don't know how the army is going to run.  

I haven't even used it and I'm already thinking of adding some allies.  I really think I'd like to splash in some Demon allies.  Not only is it thematic, but I really like both the new models and new rules.

On with the pictures of the stuff that's already done (I did cheat a little.  The Demon Prince got some touch up and the Land Raider had been in another Nurgle army that got sold).


  1. Is that an original plastic Land Raider or one of the new forge world resin kits? I've got an old plastic one lying around and I'm not sure whether I should use it as a standard land raider or the Proteus and was interested to know wheat you are doing.

    1. It is an original, plastic, Mark I land raider. I just run it as at a regular, chaos land raider.