Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dropzone Commander from Celesticon 2014

On day two of Celesticon I broke out my PHR models that had an embarrassing amount of dust and played my first game of Dropzone Commander in over a year.   It was a small tournament with eight participants and most of them were out of Endgame in Oakland.  It sounds like that while my local group gave up on Dropzone Commander a while ago it's alive and well in Endgame.  While that store is about an hour away I will definitely try and make the drive out once in a while for events because I love this game.  

I played three games, losing two and winning one.  The first game was pretty close, second one was just a bad match up for my list and the last one I ended up doing quite well in a kill points mission.  I feel pretty good going 1-2, having not played in so long and playing the second, first, and third place finishers in each of my games.

Going to need to practice a bit more before my next DZC tournament.


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