Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Warhammer 40k Narrative event at Celesticon 2014

I played in my regular semi-annual narrative Warhammer 40k event at Celesticon 2014.  This event was a bit different with being an Imiperial on Chaos goal though I ended up bring the only Chaos army so I was joined with several Space Marine players and an Eldar player.

The battle had been ongoing over several events and this portion had two forces fighting over some Dataslates.  My section of the table, on one of the ends, contained several large weapons batteries that when controlled could be turned on the rest of the battle.  While I managed to get them for one round of shooting most of the game the big gun was controlled my opponent, a Space Wolf player with a lot of drop pods and troops coming in from transports, forcing me to turtle up a bit and shoot him off objectives.

The game ended with one Dataslate in our possession and the other one in enemy hands, so basically a draw.


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