Saturday, May 28, 2011

Citadel Finecast Review / First Model

I picked up a Draigo model from Games Workshop Citadel Finecast line that launched today. Overall I was impressed with the new material, it takes very little superglue to mate up parts and it is just as flexible as advertised.  It's a bit odd to get used too, but I think it will be a change will appreciate after GW works out the kinks in casting.

I had seen the threads on Dakka of miscasts in the first models so I decided to document my first Finecast model as well.


 The pull tab to open it up didn't quite work.....
 Sprue #1
 Sprue #2
 The bits off the sprue.
 The shield arm.  You can see the miscast shoulder pad, the resin is too thin and there is a part missing.  The Heraldry shield is way misformed as well.
 This model had the brown bits of unknown origin seen in other threads. The came right off.
The stormbolter has a minor miscast.  You can see in the vents on the side, the last two vents have a big bubble and form one big chunk.
The feet had some bad moldlines/flashing that were a pain to trim off.  
 The finished model.  I am going to call Games Workshop after the holiday about getting replacement bits.  All in all I am happy with the product, but very disappointed about the QA department that let such poor castings off the factory floor.


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