Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pulling the Trigger

As the previous blog post might indicate I decided to move forward with some Grey Knights.  What really pushed me over the edge was going to Black Diamond Games (in Concord, California) flea market event.  It was mostly a board game sale, where they sell damaged games for really cheap.  It is a combination of their damaged items and customer owned games as well.  I'm not sure why, but they were selling some overstocked GW items.  Some of them were some Grey Knights, and the prices were so low I couldn't pass.  $30 Dreadknight? Yes please.

I stared at the box for about an ten minutes all of last week and decided eventually to put it together on Friday.  A half day at work (and fiance at the hairdresser) meant that I the entire afternoon to play with putting it together.  I took my time, as I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to paint it, I wanted to ensure that I could paint some parts separately so that took some time.  I wasted too much time magnetizing the weapons (which you really can't do, thanks GW).  I'm leaning towards not even using the arm weapons and saving some points for more terminators.

I placed an order for the rest of the models from Miniature Market.  It's my first time using them, I've ordered mostly from The War Store in the past.  I have been 100% happy with the experience, but my professional life has taught me to never have only one supplier for a product so I've been looking for another seller to try out. 

I decided to splurge and pick up some nice bases.  I'd wanted for a while to try out Dragonforge's bases and as this army only has ~25 models this would be a very cost effective experience. 
I picked up their Lost Empires line and I think it will really pop with the dark models.


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