Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Games Workshop - Quality Comments about Citadel Finecast and Miscasts

I normally "write" horrible attempts at humor detailing my constant collecting urges, painting, or otherwise misdirected hobby attempts.  I've been a bit frustrated lately with the launch of the new Citadel Finecast, though not for the reasons you'd think.  This post is going to ramble a bit, and I apologize up front.

A prior post details my thoughts and initial experiences picking up a Finecast model.  I've had some time to digest and I am way frustrated for a different reason then I though.  I like the finecast model, the material is easy to work with and way lighter then metal.  After struggling to put together heavy metal models (I'm looking at you Hive Tyrant) I can see this is a no brainer. 

What I am frustrated with is the quality, or lack of quality efforts at GW.  I work in a manufacturing field, so I understand the importance (and difficulty) of maintaining consistent quality in your products.  I've also spent some of my professional career working with the public in a very high contact industry (like GW) so I understand product launches and how they work (or don't) so I have some thoughts on the matter.  Doing it right the first time out of the gate is key for two reasons.  One, the old saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression is just as key in dating as it is in new products in the market.   Two, you have some very vocal critics of this new product.  This means that if you screw up some of your models (and GW of course, did) then you are giving these critics ammunition.

I don't understand why GW, even though they want to sell a lot of models day one, would let all of these miscasts out the door.   They shouldn't allow this type of thing to happen as it frustrates customers and gives the internet loud mouths (I'm looking at myself here) things to write about.  If you don't have enough pride in your product to demand that you really are producing the world's best miniatures (and not just giving it lip service) at least realize the damage it does to your brand.

Sometimes I wish I didn't like this hobby so much, as any other product I buy I never tolerate this type of behavior.


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