Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Independant Characters Hobby Progress 10 MonthChallenge

Being the lazy blogger, I'm rehashing a forum post I put up on the IC forums a few minutes ago. The Hobby Progress 10 Month Challenge they are doing is pushing me over the edge to pony up and complete another army. I'm even breaking my "collect one, get rid of one" army rule.  I should bounce one of my current ones on eBay but I just can't decide which one to sacrifice. 

I had been planning this army as a possibility and the challenge put me over the top. I am going to build a 2+ Grey Knight army. Deep Striking an entire army of 2+ models sounds fun, and only having 6 Kill Points should make it really work in some tournament missions, but get creamed in others. I also spent the last 6 months working really hard to get an 1850 guard army painted (just finished three weeks ago) so I have to take it easy on the hobby time or the family is not going to be happy.

I also ordered some Dragonforge bases over the weekend, the Lost Empires set. I’ve wanted to use them for a while, and this is the first army where it is cost effective enough to use them.

My list is still a bit in flux, mostly wargear, though I am about 90% sure the below is what I am going with.

1850 Grey Knights
10 Paladins (4 MC’d Psycannons, 1 warding staff)
10 Terminators (2 Psycannons, Psybolt ammo, 1 warding staff)
1 Dreadknight with Greatsword
2 Dreadknights – Stock

Terminator Librarian
Stormraven – I’ve wanted one since the release of the model and never had a good reason to pick one up. Now I do!

End of July – All models assembled and begin painting terminators
End of August – Finish Terminators and 1 Dreadknight
End of September – Finish 2 Dreadknights
End of October – Finish Draigo, Librarian, and Stormraven
End of November- Place models on Bases, Matte Spray, and any punch list items.


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