Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alamo Games Workshop 2v2 June 12, 2011

I spent the afternoon at a 2v2 at the Alamo Games Workshop store.  It is one of the most enjoyable formats of this game we all adore, as it leads to some unlikely bedfellows and interesting synergy's that are not afforded by the restraints of the typical codex.  I was scheduled to play with a friend of mine and his Dark Eldar, but a graduation required his attention so I had to team up with another friend who had lost his conspirator as well.  This lead to me being teamed up with a Space Wolf list.

Our first game was against a Demon and IG pairing.

 We were able to deploy on a hill, obviously a boon to our team as it afforded my Manticores and Hydras a generous field of fire. 
 The game was spearhead, capture and control so we hung back with most of units and moved forward with some wolves being screened by empty Chimeras.
 The Meltavets came in the Valkyrie, and popped an Executioner.  Their victory would be short lived as they were quickly gunned down.

 I had to take a picture of the carnage at a table next to ours.   A friend of mine had brought a list with over a hundred boyz in it...
 The game quickly ended after the below picture with both armies holding one objective and proving once again, that capture and control is the worst mission on the book. 
 Our second game turned into a gunline battle as we played mechdar and a plaguemarine list with abaddon.
 Abaddon deepstruck near our lines and began to cause trouble.

 I didn't get a picture but Ragnar and a squad hopped out and charged Abaddon and they proceeded to kill each other with only a lone terminator left over.   After that the game turned into a trade back and forth of KP's with us losing 12-9.
 Our Final game would be against another Demon and IG team in a pitched battle, objectives battle.
 From the start of the match we got our teeth kicked in.  Three soul grinders hammered our lines hard, backed up with a cornucopia of classic guard weapons.

 Some last minute moves both cleared some units off and contested objectives.  Noticed my Manticore in the lower right of the picture.  What else do you do with a Manticore that lost it's missile rack?
The Meltavets proved to be the MVPs as they swooped in on the last turn, took an objective and allowed for a 2-0 victory for our badly wounded forces.  This was a mission where our opponents should have won, but got a bit bloodthirsty because they thought we were on the ropes and we were able to pull a victory out. 


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