Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dragonforge Studio's Resin Bases - Initial Impressions / Review

 I was pretty excited yesterday to find that my Dragonforge bases had shown up in the mail.  I've been wanting to get them for a while, and this is the first army it's been cost effective for me to use them.

They did come a bit better packed then the picture would indicate, I just removed the paper so I could actually see what was there in a photo.

I picked up 5 large flying bases, 25 of the 40mm bases and 2 of the "hero" bases.  I did spend some time to scrub them free of the release material.  I always forget to do this when I pick up resin models so I wanted to get it done as soon as they came in.  I didn't see a ton of flash or trimming that needed to be done, so I may get away with not much more prep work.

It's interesting how the large bases clearly have a different type of resin then the smaller ones. I put the bases on the shelf and when I finish up painting my GKs I'll start working on the paint, most likely not for a few months.


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