Friday, June 24, 2011

Cancelled my White Dwarf subscription

The interwebs are a flutter with the information that White Dwarf subscriptions will be delayed and it's the last straw for me.  I've been unhappy with the magazine for a while.  It is, and has been for a while, an overpriced catalog and I knew and accepted this for sometime. 

I've been having issues with getting the magazine later and later over the last few months.  It used to come around the 25th and the date has been slipping so I wouldn't get until about the 30th or the 1st.  One month I didn't get it until the 10th.  GW's announcement that it isn't even going to be shipped until the 30th is the final straw.

I called GW to cancel my subscription this morning. The CSR tried to tell me that I could just pick it up at a GW store on the 30th.  Really?  Thank you for "letting" me pick up the item I paid to have shipped to me in a timely manner at your store.

 I only had 5 issues left, so I'm only really cancelling three issues but its more the point.  If GW gets enough cancellations over this, maybe they will change their minds. I doubt it, but as we vote with our wallet as consumers I am putting my ballot in the box with a big N-O on it.


  1. The prices have just gone up and up since I last bought one. And I looked through one the other day, I must say I wasn't about to go get a subscription.

  2. I've cancelled my subscription as well. over the past year, I'd get my issues late or sometimes not at all. The fact that I have to take the time in my busy schedule to ask them to send my subscription just irks the hell out of me. Money, though hard earned,is not the point. If you abuse my time...of which I'll never get back, then I'll be pissed.

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