Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Impressions and lessons with Grey Knight Terminators

I had a chance to put together some of my Grey Knights this morning at my Son's swim meet.  I had heard they were detailed and a bit complicated to assemble and they were every  thing I had heard. 

I've put together more Space Marines then I care to admit and I was pretty excited to get to put together something as different yet familiar as these models.  Opening the box up I was impressed with the sprue's virtually limitless options.

I set to work and my only complaint after completing a box was that the instructions are not 100% accurate.  Some of the numbers of the parts do not match their pictures and it made some of the build more complicated then I would have liked, as I had to try multiple pieces to get the look/fit I wanted. 

I did have a bit of trouble with the two handed halberds.  The kit came with some bits to make one handed halberds, but the two handed terminators holding their weapons with two hands is so iconic for the codex I had to have a few.

I first tried the below method, putting both arms on the weapon and then fitting over the torso.  It did work, but I had to work some magic to get a flush fit between the arms and torso. 

After doing this method a few times I switched to doing one arm on the weapon, placing that on the torso and then gluing in the final arm.  This was much more effective and I would highly suggest this method to others.

I finished up five more terminators by the time the meet was over, completing half of my troops.  I plan on saving the next pair of boxes for his next swim meet. I should get it going faster though I got so burned out on my last marathon build that I want to take my time this go around.


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