Friday, September 23, 2011

Da Grand Waaagh GT - T-Minus 1 day

I've got the army packed up, a bag packed, and I'm ready to have a weekend of rolling dice.  This is an especially eventful gaming experience as it's my first post-wedding gaming adventure.   Most of my year (hence the huge gap in posts) was taken up, especially the summer, by getting ready to get married.  It's a physical and emotionally exhausting experience. My gaming time has taken a significant hit.  I've had to miss a lot of games, including dropping out of helping organize a large event I was pushing for because of my experiences at Da Grand Waaagh 2010. 

I'm a bit worried I'll be terribly rusty, as I haven't touched dice since about May.  I have been playing my guard since about last November, so at least the army I do have experience with is the one I'm bringing.  With this in mind, my main goal is just to have a weekend of gaming, not worry about winning and get to meet some new players.  I had good games 4 out of 5 (the one not fun game was just because the guy was all business, not a jerk, just wanted to play quickly) so I am hoping for a similar experience this year.

I've got the camera and flipcam so I will post a ton of pictures soon.


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