Friday, September 16, 2011

Finshed Imperial Guard Army List for Da Grand Waaagh GT 2011

I finished up my army list for Da Grand Waaagh next week and got it submitted.  It's always a bit nerve racking to email these types of things because I worry that it will go through okay...My work experiences have taught me that things that can go wrong tend to when you need them most so in my private life I'm a bit of a worrier.

That being said, I am sure everything is okay.   I ended up using my normal 1850, I've used it and done fairly well in local events for the last year.  Its a leafblower variant, with a few key changes.  I use valkyries instead of vendettas, I ony have one squad of veterans and use an infantry platoon.  I also use lascannon teams, no medusas, instead two manticores. 

It took some time to finish up the "fluff" part of the list, as at this event you get points for naming your events and a "back story".  I wrote mine up in the form of a message sent to an IG commander. 

If you are curious, here is my list with fluff cover page. 


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