Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pirates Incomming - Pre Ordered Dreadfleet from a FLGS

If you have been living under a rock, Games Workshop is releasing a naval miniatures one shot boxed game (sort of like space hulk) called Dreadfleet. Here is a link.   I really enjoyed Gothic so a game in the same vein popped up I had to pick it up.

I hadn't planned on pre-ordering it (mostly because I think the pre-order business model is complete shit) but a store in my area, Black Diamond Games in Concord, was selling it for $99 and with a combination a special no tax day special they were running yesterday made it hit a price I was willing to pulling the trigger on.  Perfect example of the demand curve from economics.

I've heard mostly bad things about this release in early reviews, but it didn't scare me away.  Truthfully GW's strengths don't lie in game design, but in the quality and ubiquitous nature of their games.   The appeal of playing a sailing game is strong as well, as I sail regularly on San Francisco Bay on my fathers sailboat, so I am interested to see how well the sailing mechanics have been done. 

As always, I look at a game like this as a cost if I don't like it.  I figure worst case, I hate it, and I can resell it for around $70 meaning I am only out $30.  For that price, I'll take a shot in the dark.  Chances are I will enjoy it, though it won't get much play and will merely become part of my very small board game collection, and I have no problem with that.  It can sit with Axis and Allies, Ticket to Ride and Tide of Iron in my closet gathering dust.


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