Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Repainting a twenty year old Land Raider Mark I

I've had a Mark I Land Raider sitting on my shelves for about ten years.I picked it up from a guy in a game store I used to hang out at who wanted a new one and was complaining his Mark I looked terrible compared to the new (at the time) current Land Raider model.  Most folks have forgotten, but the Mark I had been out of print for ten years, ten years ago, so I jumped on the chance to get an old model of such legendary status as the Land Raider was at the time.  I offered to buy him a new one, and I was able to add a Mark I to my collection.  I've always liked to use old Marine models in my Chaos armies, as it leads to a sense of authenticity.  

Last weekend, I decided that my Mark I had seen better days.  It was dusty, terrible paint job, and either needed to be sold or given a new lease on life with some new paint.  I decided to try painting it in the style of my new nurgle marines with some edge highlighting.  I think it came out pretty well.  I'm not 100% done, I still need to highlight the edge highlighting, though I thought I would post some pics showing how good a twenty year old model can look with modern painting techniques. 

I gave the model a good brown basecoat with Army Painter primer. 


I then gave it an airbrush coat of a reaper green. 
 I then gave it two highlights of the next two lighter shades of Reaper greens.

 I gave the model a Devlin Mud Wash and then spent some time Edge Highlight the tank itself with the first airbrush highlight color. I also painted the treads boltgun metal and gave them a badab black wash.
 I then highlighted the Tank Treads

A few more details and I am almost done.   The only real remaining details is cables on the weapons and the final edge highlights. 


  1. That looks really good! I think updating the weapons really makes it fit in with "modern" 40K aesthetics very well.

  2. @sonsoftaurus I couldn't agree more, obviously. The model itself holds up just fine (clearly forgeworld has shown that) but the weapons looked terrible.