Monday, December 5, 2011

Second East Bay Wargamers League Game at Alamo Games Workshop

This weekend I played in my second East Bay Wargamers League game. I didn't get any pictures from my first game, though I did take some from this game.  The game was a brutal slugfest as my opponent had some really effective hammer units that bashed the hell out of my Chaos Army. I also learned a lot about the Black Templars codex, as it was only my second game in the 18 months I've been played fifth edition that I faced them.  

I took a Nurgle list that had a splash of Khorne for some additional assault punch.  Not only was I looking for a little more oomph in the third phase then my list has had lately, I've been breathing some new life into models I painted years ago with a bit of touch up. I re based a unit of Khorne bezerkers and my Kharne model on Friday night, tossed some Devlin Mud and they look about ten times better.  So much improved that I spent some time after my game and Sunday adding even more details. 

My List
  • Two Plaguemarine squads in Rhinos with a Power Fist and Meltaguns in each.
  • Raptor Squad with Mark of Nurgle, two meltaguns and a Power fist.
  • Nurgle Demon Prince with all the trimmings
  • 8 Khorne Bezerkers
  • Khorne Lord with Demon Weapon
  • Two Land Raiders
My opponents list (I apolgize, I don't know the exact unit names)
  • Two 5 man tac squads with plasma guns and lascannons
  • TH/SS terminator unit
  • LC terminator unit
  • Two Crusader Land Raiders
  • High Marshall
  • Emperor's Champion
  • Venerable Dreadnought in a Drop Pod

The game was Capture and Control with Dawn of War. My opponent won first turn and deployment. 

 He placed his objective in the upper left building, so I had placed mine rather close with the idea that we would smash into each other around both and hopefully I'd be left standing.

I got lucky and seized, so my Rhino with a squad of plaguemarines rushed forward to grab my objective.  The red land raider had my bezerkers and the green one held my plague marines.
 My opponents army comes in.
 He popped the Rhino.

 I was able to get two meltaguns in range and blew up one of the two, the one that was holding the lightening claw terminators.

 He rushed forward and got into combat with some of my vehicles. He didn't much, as everything had rushed forward so hitting on 6's just didn't work.
 I was able to charge in at this point.  I decided to concentrate on the TH/SS terminators as at the time I thought they were the bigger threat. I ended up getting really lucky and he failed a lot of saves.
 Next turn he was able to get the Lightening Claw terminators into the combat and destroyed everything.  The combat result was enough to finish off my fearless Demon Prince and Chaos Lord.

At this point, the game turned into a chess game. I had moved a squad of plague marines onto the objective he held, along with my raptors squad.  I was able, with the help of two powerfists, finish off both five man squads.   He did deep strike in the Dreadnought, but it wasn't able to get close enough to the objective before the end of the game. 

It was a game that had a lot of swings back and forth.  In the end, while I rolled terribly for most of the big melee in the middle of the board, I got lucky as his remaining nasty units were just too far to get into it with my remaining scoring unit.   If it was Victory or Kill points I would have been owned.  All I had left at the end of the game was 5 plaguemarines and 3 raptors, but it was enough to hold an objective so I pulled out a victory. 


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