Monday, December 19, 2011

Black and Gold Grey Knights - Actual Progress

I picked up a project that had laid dormant for months yesterday.  Over the summer I had started the Independent Characters Hobby Challenge with a Grey Knight Army though I had stalled out somewhere around month 2.  I missed the deadline for the second month because I got married and it just took too much time, so by the time I had the time I had lost interest as well as just didn't think I could catch up.  My eyes were bigger then my stomach on trying to take on a new army in the time leading up to getting married.   I had some free time on my hands yesterday and decided I wanted to do something other than work on the Land Raiders I've been chipping away at for the last few weeks.

I pulled out the models and finished the Gold details and got a coat of Devlin Mud on the gold.  My next step is to get the metal washed and then begin another line highlighting step.  I also started in on the bases, giving the resin a good coat of gray primer.

This picture is before washing the Gold.  I'll post some pictures later of the washed Gold.


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