Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GW isn't the only company with packing problems

Was looking forward to spending a few days working on my brand new conquest that showed up today.  My wife is out of town on business, my son at a friend's house, seemed like a perfect time to sneak in some hobby time.

Except Privateer Press snuck in two left shoulders.  I now have to wait at least a week for a replacement shoulder.  It's really frustrating to have this happen on a $125 model kit.  I would think Privateer Press would make sure these are perfect, though there are lot of things these hobby companies do that I just don't understand. 

At least Dropzone Commander comes out on Friday, so I might have something to paint this weekend.  Crossing my fingers all the models will come in from my preorder, with my recent luck I'm doubtful.


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