Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Khador Conquest is on its way

 The Conquest I ordered is finally on its way to me.  I can't complain too much, as Khador got the 2nd Collasal and some factions aren't even sure of when theirs will be released, though it still feels like I've been waiting forever for this model.

I've decided I'm going to put in some serious brush time on this guy.  I am going to give it the full weathering treatment, similar to what I did to my Baneblade and Shadowsword.  I figure the Colossals are more rare than even Warjacks, meaning they are fairly beat up pieces of equipment. This means the full oil paint weathering, on top of chipping with some powders on top of that.  I've also decided to spring for a large resin base.

I picked up a cobblestone themed base from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I'm a big fan of their stuff, and this base looks like it will fit really well with Warmachine.  I am a bit concerned as the base won't match my other models, but as I have a feeling the Conquest will get more display case time than table time, its not an issue.

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  1. Curious how much flashing you had to do on this model kit. I guess I was a bit disappointed about how much clean up I had to do.