Thursday, July 26, 2012

Space Wolves are finally done

After months of being 99% done I spent a few hours to finish up the Rhinos so that I can officially put this army down.  It's the last army I will have painted for 5th edition bringing my total to four armies I finished painting in the two years I played 5th edition.  I don't count the GK terminator army I did, that was only 25 models and I only used it a few times before sending it to the eBay god.

 I don't know if I am actually going to use it in 6th edition as I am planning on picking up new Chaos stuff, but I wanted to get it done as once that Chaos Marine codex drops I won't touch any of my imperial forces for a while.  While I haven't used this army very often, it feels great to get another 2000 ish point army under my belt.  This was one of the quickest armies, I had finished 99% of it in about a month and a half and got distracted when I was I was at the finish line.  I did learn some great skills on this build, mostly related to using washes to add depth to armor.

On with the pictures!

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  1. It took me ages to find this post - the army looks fantastic and I am thinking about using the FTW method to do a space wolf army after i picked up some cheap plastics from ebay.

    Did you do your wolf pelts in white? I will wait and see how dark the primer I have ordered is before deciding what shade to do them, i see yours is near Codex Grey.

    The dirty truth is that I would rather have used this for a space shark army - but thats not the way the ebay dice came up! Cheap unpainted men are awesome.