Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cleaning up and trimming Chaos Warhound Titan

I spent some time this weekend trimming and cleaning up the Chaos Warhound Titan I picked up on eBay a few weeks ago.   The auction didn't include any instructions, though I have seen a set from someone else who had picked one up, earlier this year, and I remember seeing it wasn't a ton of help.   After some searching I found several article posts and videos on youtube on how to clean up and trim up the parts on a warhound. 

After about two hours of cleaning up the Titan with my dremel and a hand hacksaw, I spent another hour scrubbing it down.  I used a dremel (with an extendable shaft) and a cutting head to trim off the excess flash from the pour points. This took a while, as it is a bit of a pain to set up all the items you need to do it right.  I followed a guide by Ichiban, a fantastic painter and modeler out of Japan.  His YouTube channel is way worth subscribing too.

I can't say enough about this guide, it is well worth taking a look at if you are assembling a Titan, or other large resin model. 

After I was all done I was left with this. 


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