Monday, October 22, 2012

Painting my Chaos Warhound Titan


 After priming my Titan up I pulled out the airbrush to get started on painting this amazing model.  I am doing a custom color, using two parts death world forest, one part karak stone, and two parts screaming skull.  I bout exactly that many pots, as I knew I would need a lot of it for base coating. 


I started with doing some undercoating around areas I wanted to be noticeably darker.  I used death world forest in these places.  This would help with the highlighting of large areas.   

After that I gave the whole model a coat of the basecoat.  This took a long time, including a few hour soak to declog the airbrush.  I seem to have the worst luck with airbrushes, they always clog on me.   After a basecoat I began to paint the gold parts, using balthasar gold.  It came out a bit "shiny", even as a muted color, so it will need some coats of wash to bring it down. 


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