Thursday, October 11, 2012

Magnetizing a Chaos Warhoud - Step 1 - Planning

I spent some time last night measuring parts of the Chaos Warhound Titan so I could start to form a plan for what size and how many magnets I would need.  A pair of rarely used calipers that I had in my tool chest were worth their weight in gold as a simple tape measure/ruler would not have worked well.  The Calipers allowed me to measure not only parts, but negative spaces (the joints) to an accuracy level of hundredths of an inch. 

This means the magnets I order will fit in their spaces at accurately as possible.  I want to remove as little material as possible while still using strong magnets. I really want to avoid the "wobble" I've seen in some large models that use magnets but I do want to maximize the parts I magnetize so that not only can I change weapons, it will break down into smaller pieces to ease in transport.  I plan on using this Titan, it's not going to be just a show piece.

My "Magnet Manifesto" came out looking a bit mad "scientisty" so I thought I'd post it for laughs.  I swear it makes sense for me.


  1. Hey mate, I have my own Mars warhound on the way.

    Would you be able to post what size magnets you ended up buying? Thanks!

    1. The size of the magnets is going to depend on how you want to magnetize it. I can suggest K&J magnetics, they sell any size you want. My one recommendation, no matter what you do, is to have magnets on one side of each connection, and washers on the other. That way you don't have to worry about if it's a positive/negative connection.