Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not the last temptation

I'm not doing a very good job of avoiding the GK temptations.  I was able to take a peek at the new codex and I'm even more intrigued.  GW has managed to create a somewhat unique new marine army.  I know there are a lot of polarizing views about the models (especially the dreadknight) but I really dig them.  That doesn't help my problem either. 

I could try and pick up just the codex and a box of models to paint up, but I don't think that will do anything more then delay the inevitable. 

I should rush and at least finish up some of my Blood Ravens before these guys come out, while I know there is no hope of me finishing my IG before I pick up some GKs there is some chance I could finish up my newer (I got them in November) Blood Ravens models.  15 assault troopers and 5 TH/SS terminators is not so tough. 


  1. I can understand.

    I mean, My first and main army was radical DH, so I'm angry at GW.

    And yet I still can't quet that trecherous voice that whispers in the dark watches of the night..."all Paladin army... multi.. would.. termies... Stormraven.."

    He won't leave me alone.

  2. I think I've purged the desire to pick up some GK's with a promise to myself that I will pick up some new models for my current army(s) instead.

    I don't think the Paladin build will be that crushing in competitive play, but I do agree it will be fun.