Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rumors and Stuff

I finally picked up the dice this last weekend after a three month drought.  Family life and Work had sucked up most of my energy recently.   I love 40k but it is a hobby that takes effort.  It takes work to paint, work to assemble models, a time commitment to play and those are things I have had much of lately. 

Upon finding myself with an entire weekend of no responsibilities, thanks to an empty house, I decided I would jump back up on that horse.  I played a pretty fun 2k battle on Saturday that I was pretty happy with.  I only lost 8-5 in the game. It had been going my opponents way, but Fear of Darkness'ing a few units off the board in the last turn helped me turn a crushing defeat into just a normal defeat.  

Trying to decide what to work on next, I think I'm going to work on my Blood Ravens. I've got some jump troops and SS/TH termies to paint.  While I have an entire IG army awaiting my brush its just frustrating having a mostly painted army. 


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