Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Title Shot

Last Saturday I went over to one of my friends house and met up with him and another friend I game with.  Spent a few hours chatting about 40k and other things, we hadn't seen each other in a while.  After grabbing some dinner we decided on who would play.  I don't get to play as much 40k as my buddies so I bugged one of them into playing me a 1500 point game. 

Not to go on a side topic, but I really like 1500.  The game plays really nice there, and I think its more of a sweet spot then 1850. At 1500 you just have to make more choices in your unit selection.  In 1850 you can have a large death star unit, lose it, and it doesn't affect you army that much.  If you lose a big death star unit in a 1500 list it can be 40% of your army. 

I had brought my IG, which are a modified leaf blower list as well as my Raptors, a codex space marine force.  As I had been reading the Badab War stuff I decided to throw down with the Raptors.  I also wanted to try using their Chapter Master, Lias Issodon.  He's nice in that his chapter tactics swaps combat tactics for stealth as well as he shoots the sternguard ammo.  The Raptor force that I have was built by my buddy as kind of a proof of concept, its mostly built from AOBR models.  It's got 6 tac squads, 2 Devastator squads,1 Assault Squad and 1 Termie squad (Shooty termies with  a H. Flamer).  The army takes advantage of the free M. Launchers and Flamers at max squad size.

We played an objective mission and due to the armies lack of mobility, and the fact my opponent was playing a Nurgle list it turned into a stand and shoot.  I honestly didn't think the army stood much of a chance, I just wanted to play it. My friend I was playing is a pretty good player and using a pretty good army, he used this list to win a good size tournie in So. Cal last month. To say he plays a lot and does well is an understatement.  But the gaming gods didn't go his way that night..... not to bore the reader with a turn by turn account but the game ended up going my way.  I just boltered and M. Launched his army to death. 

It was a great learning experience for both of us.  I think I pulled it off for two reasons.  One, getting stealth for an all infantry army is crazy.  Having your army get three up cover saves is just nuts.  Second, the volume of fire this list puts out can be incredible.   Combat squadding some of the units to use as tar units so I can get a turn of rapid firing onto a few units was quite effective.   I did learn that bolters just don't do squat to plaguemarines though. Krak missiles are much more effective. 

I won't talk about my second game that night where I played my other buddy at 1000 points and got massacred. Nope...not going to mention it.

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  1. Correction sir, that company was mostly made from Battle for Macragge marines, which is why they are not as flashy. Also kinda dates the army as to when it was constructed, which makes it even more awesome.

    If anyone is curious, game two the Raptors got Fisted.