Monday, March 21, 2011

Plethora of Gaming

After many months of not doing a ton with my models I had a rather gaming filled weekend. Since I haven't had a ton to write about lately I am saving the gaming and new gaming space stories for later.  I'm just going to talk about my purchase that kicked off the weekend.  My fiance and I took our son out to dinner and on the way I swung by a Games Workshop store and grabbed Imperial Armor 10, which includes the concluding details of The Badab War. I was really impressed with this one, it lived up to Forgeworld's high quality content in the preceding tome.  My only complaint about it was the price increase.  While the book was the same size as 9 the price went from the already crazy $75 to $90.   At that price it was still worth the price of admission though if I didn't already have 9 there is no way I would have picked up both.  I did appreciate Forgeworld including a slipcase for both books included with ten.  It did make for a very nice way to display the books on my shelf of gaming books.  I don't know about most people that have picked them up, but the urge to collect them has made the Imperial Armor books that much more attractive.

The content held up and I really did how these two books go into the details of may chapters that we have little details about from Games Workshop.  If you haven't cracked one open you should take the chance.  For those that are only looking for new strategies to win games, look elsewhere.  For those looking for more details into the very expansive universe of 40k it was an unapologetic view into what happens when one of the Emperor's Finest falls from grace and the methods taken to bring the worlds lost back into the fold.  

I also really appreciate that Forgeworld includes a nice poster with each of the IA books.  This one was no different and included a very large (3' by 5'?) poster  double sided poster.  One side included a hand drawn map of the affected area of the rebellion and the other the included space marine chapters.                               

In my next post I will discuss a very interesting game I played on Saturday and my quest to organize my garage into a more effective gaming and storage space.


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