Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Much Awesome

I've mentioned before how my gaming time gets infringed upon by other hobbies. Like an 19th century nobleman I just can't have one mistress.   I often feel the pull and have to pick which of my interests grabs me.  I tend to suffer from a bit of "whats new gets my attention" syndrome, though I've done better in the last few years.  Occasionally I have to pick among a few things going on what to spend my limited amount of free time on.  This weekend is going to be brutal.

Warhammer is having a big weekend, as Adepticon is taking place in Chicago.  While I never would consider actually going, getting sucked up and obsessively following blog and forum coverage is a natural choice.  This year should be really interesting as guys at The Independent Characters are broadcasting the final table.  I watched their test games and it looks like they have found a way to make 40k into a spectator sport.

The next event to grab my gnat like attention span is Wondercon.  Its a comicbook convention held annually in SF. A friend introduced me to it three or four years and its become an annual tradition.  Usually there is a panel or two about some piece of pop culture we partake in, but mostly we go to see the crazy cos players and see all the ridiculous-ness that comes from a comic book convention.

The last event is that it is the opening weekend for one of the two professional paintball leagues this weekend.  This event I've always wanted to check out and never gotten around to it.  Normally there is not much coverage until after the fact on forums/you tube/magazines but this year is a bit different.  ESPN is actually covering the event, on ESPN3's website.  Not exactly on sports center, but still pretty cool.

I'm not sure yet how I'm going to spend my time this weekend during this rare perfect storm.


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