Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Other Woman

Another problem of the recent holiday is my recent resurgence in interest in what I refer to as "The Other Woman" in my hobbies, Paintballing.  I haven't been much in the last year, mostly because of my renewed passion for the miniatures hobby.   I've come to the conclusion that I was burning myself out a bit on the 40k front, and that I didn't need to play every weekend and that some kind of a break would be beneficial.   I've also like to cut out the tournaments I've been playing in, as I did 6 in the last 5 months, and that includes not playing any in the month of November.  More then one a month I think may be a bit excessive. 

My son has also reached an age where sharing paint balling with him is becoming a real possibility as well.  While I understand the allure of plastic men battling he is still a bit young to understand the appeal, though shooting each other with paint balls is one he understands all too well.  It is tough as a father to pass on an activity that he can do with his son, as you feel the teenage years coming soon and the marginalization that accompanies it approaching.

This weekend I had planed on attending a local 1850 but I may pass and take my son to a local field, as the weather has been unseasonably dry and its hard not to take advantage of it. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Holiday Failure

As my below lack of posts shows, I didn't quite hit my holiday painting goals.   I was very on track in the beginning, but the allure of all the time off and relaxing was too much of a sirens call.  I did get the last coat of highlighting done on the ground vehicles and I got one of the two Valkyries inked (looks great).  The infantry haven't been touched and the vehicle tracks are still not installed.  I blame Black Ops, my recent family developments (got engaged over the holiday) and way too much good food and couch time. 

First New Years Resolution...finish my project!