Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GW isn't the only company with packing problems

Was looking forward to spending a few days working on my brand new conquest that showed up today.  My wife is out of town on business, my son at a friend's house, seemed like a perfect time to sneak in some hobby time.

Except Privateer Press snuck in two left shoulders.  I now have to wait at least a week for a replacement shoulder.  It's really frustrating to have this happen on a $125 model kit.  I would think Privateer Press would make sure these are perfect, though there are lot of things these hobby companies do that I just don't understand. 

At least Dropzone Commander comes out on Friday, so I might have something to paint this weekend.  Crossing my fingers all the models will come in from my preorder, with my recent luck I'm doubtful.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Soaking in 6th Ed in style

I can think of worse places to commit the rules to memory.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feeling Unfaithful

I feel so dirty reading both at my Son's swim meet. Don't tell!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Space Wolves are finally done

After months of being 99% done I spent a few hours to finish up the Rhinos so that I can officially put this army down.  It's the last army I will have painted for 5th edition bringing my total to four armies I finished painting in the two years I played 5th edition.  I don't count the GK terminator army I did, that was only 25 models and I only used it a few times before sending it to the eBay god.

 I don't know if I am actually going to use it in 6th edition as I am planning on picking up new Chaos stuff, but I wanted to get it done as once that Chaos Marine codex drops I won't touch any of my imperial forces for a while.  While I haven't used this army very often, it feels great to get another 2000 ish point army under my belt.  This was one of the quickest armies, I had finished 99% of it in about a month and a half and got distracted when I was I was at the finish line.  I did learn some great skills on this build, mostly related to using washes to add depth to armor.

On with the pictures!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Khador Conquest is on its way

 The Conquest I ordered is finally on its way to me.  I can't complain too much, as Khador got the 2nd Collasal and some factions aren't even sure of when theirs will be released, though it still feels like I've been waiting forever for this model.

I've decided I'm going to put in some serious brush time on this guy.  I am going to give it the full weathering treatment, similar to what I did to my Baneblade and Shadowsword.  I figure the Colossals are more rare than even Warjacks, meaning they are fairly beat up pieces of equipment. This means the full oil paint weathering, on top of chipping with some powders on top of that.  I've also decided to spring for a large resin base.

I picked up a cobblestone themed base from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I'm a big fan of their stuff, and this base looks like it will fit really well with Warmachine.  I am a bit concerned as the base won't match my other models, but as I have a feeling the Conquest will get more display case time than table time, its not an issue.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forgeworld Shadowsword painted with Imperial Armour Masterclass methods is done

I started working on this model back in Feburary of 2012 along with a Baneblade and after a certain point finished the Baneblade and didn't touch the Shadowsword.  It was at a point where it only had a few details and battle damage to do, so I just left it alone.  I've also had a lot of models in my queue I was actually playing with (including a ton of Khador) so I couldn't justify the time for the last few months to work on this model.

Last weekend I found myself with some free time and rather than keep painting on my Khador I wanted to do something different.  I just wasn't in the mood.  I looked over, and there was my poor abandoned Shadowsword.  It took me the better part of an afternoon to finish the weathering and details, though I am really glad I put the brush time in.  I am very happy with the end result and I really regret not finishing this model earlier.

A note on how it came it out, compared to the Baneblade, It's not quite as dirty as the Baneblade as in my head, the Baneblade would be on the front lines and a Shadowsword would be taking shots at Titans in the rear of the lines.

On with the pictures!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Months Later and Still Waiting for Finecast Replacement Parts

It's hard to believe, but Games Workshop Customer Service still hasn't replaced the miscast parts from the Helcannon I bought back in April.  I wrote about this issue back in May with a followup about how the replacement parts I received were just as inferior and how I even tried writing a letter to Games Workshop. 

I called Games Workshop a few weeks ago to ask what was going on with my replacement parts and why hadn't I received them, and after about a thirty minute phone call having to explain why I wanted 100% intact parts with no miscasts (I shouldn't have had  to explain why I demand a quality product) I told the rep to send me what he could and a bottle of liquid green stuff.  It became clear at the time that Games Workshop couldn't supply a 100% miscast free Hellcannon.

Fast forward to today, it's now been over two weeks since I spoke to Games Workshop and still no parts.  I called Games Workshop to see what is going on. Found out that my parts still haven't shipped, because they don't know when they will get more in.  6th edition really backed them up, what with all the phone calls they received is what they are telling me.  

Maybe my barometer is way off, maybe it is okay to sell an inferior product and take over two months to make it right.  Am I the only one out there that doesn't find this acceptable? 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why you should be playing more than one game

I wrote an article for Frontline gaming on this topic last week, and I forgot to share it.