Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nurgle Raptors - Even more green stuff

I've done next to nothing this week on my Nurgle army, the release of a certain multiplayer shooter has really cut into my hobby time.   I did manage to break away to finish up my Raptors with the needed green stuff so I can move on to the Land Raider.

I also played around with basing my Demon Prince as well as my terminators.  The upcoming release of the Necrons has inspired me to base some of my models with dead Necrons.  I had saved a Destroyer and a few Warriors from an army I bought and resold last year knowing eventually I would want to have some models on hand for terrain/basing/etc.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Nurgle updates - More green stuff fun

 I tried out the Army Painter color my friend who painted the original army used and I must say I was really impressed.  It stuck to the finecast material quite well, went on smooth with good coverage.  It only took two coats to cover such a detailed model as the nurgle demon prince.
My next step is to paint on two colors of green via the airbrush, though I am going to wait until I finish green stuffing the terminators, land raider and raptors so I can do them all in one batch.  Using the airbush is such a pain, I want to minimize the work.

I started to green stuff up the terminators, and they came out okay. I am hoping that putting some paint on them will really help sell the nurgle bits I carved in, because right now they just look meh to me.  It is tougher to work in green stuff then I thought, it's quite sticky and I need to find a solution to keep it from sticking to the GW carving tool I am using.

Onto some pictures...I did my 5 man terminator squad on Sunday.

I also finished up a squad of 5 raptors.  I am not a big fan of the raptor models, and never have been of any of the incarnations.  They just look weird and not very chaos'y to me.  I have always been a fan of re purposed marine components as it just makes sense to me.  I used bits from a few different kits to build the below.  A space marine assault squad donated the jump packs, bezerkers and normal chaos marines for the chest, some legs, arms, weapons and heads.  I got some of the legs from a tactical marine squad  boxI had on my shelf and the melta guns came from some space wolves that didn't need them.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nurgle Terminators - Playing with poses

 Sometimes I feel like this hobby we all love is only one notch above playing with dolls.  Putting together terminator models last night, I realized how very close it is.  We put the models in cool poses, paint them (dress them up) and then play with them.  I'm not saying that we all play with dolls, only that we are very close to that edge and teetering.  But...our dolls blow stuff up, so it's okay.  I'm digressing...
Last night I cracked open one of my two boxes of terminators that I am going to nurgle up and press into service in my Chaos Marine army.  I was inspired by a recent Dakka thread where some amazing poses were done with some Khorne models. I know I couldn't get even close to the quality of what that guy did, though I figure I could do something more then simply static poses.

I call this one, my "are you not entertained" pose.
 One of the great poses in that Dakka Thread was a running terminator.  I'm going to attempt something similar with the below legs I chopped up and hacked together.
 This one is just a terminator with an Autocannon trying to look more menacing and as if he sees something to the side.   I hacked up the Autocannon a bit, as I am not a fan of how all of the Chaos Terminator weapons have blades on them.  I realize spikes/blades are a big deal for Chaos, but GW got a little carried away.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First crack at Green Stuff for Nurgle - Demon Prince

After a recent order from Minature Market arrived I had what I needed to start working on my Nurgle additions to my new chaos army.  I picked up a few boxes of terminators, some paint and some green stuff and a GW sculpting tool. 

I had a metal demon prince from the army I had recently purchased, though I decided to pick up a finecast one.  The rest of the army is plastic, so I just thought a finecast one made more sense.  It's also the reason I am going to convert a Typhus model, as there is no finecast version.

After a short trip to Black Diamond Games earlier this week to grab a Finecast version I had decided that the plastic wings (that I had appropriated from the metal demon prince) were just too clean and needed to get nurlged.

I haven't ever sculpted anything with green stuff so it was a new experience.  I mostly made some pustules and a few patches of rotted skin on the wings, trying to make it match up a bit better with what the model has. 

I found the green stuff was really easy to work with, other then it stuck to everything.  I couldn't really roll out patches of it to make skin, the roller just stuck to it.  It did stay pliable for quite a while which made it really easy to keep changing my design.  I used GWs green stuff, I don't know if it is any better then the generic or Gale Force 9 stuff (though I have a suspicion it is all made by the same vendor to begin with)

I made my pustules by making a ball of green stuff and then just spreading it out and putting a nasty indent in it, like it had popped and never healed. 

I asked my Wife after I was done what she thought, and she said it looked gross.  Mission accomplished.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Instant 40k Army - Tons of Nurgly pictures

I mentioned in my blog how I had picked up my buddies nurgle army last weekend to jump start my next army. All I am going to have to add is a few more units and I will have a nice 2500ish amount of nurgle marines to take out for a spin when I feel like a 3+ army with a bit of evil in it.

I normally would never say I could get anywhere close to the quality of the models my buddy paints and this army is only an exception due to the fact he never did all the highlighting he wanted to.  In spite of that, the army is still amazing.  He's got a lot of custom sculpting and addition of power cables, puss sores, skin stuff, and shoulder pads.  I am going to try and learn to do some of that in the next few months. 

Here is the army as it was when he tossed me the keys. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Warhammer 40k pictures with my new iPhone 4S

To my surprise AT&T actually came through and I received my new iPhone in the mail yesterday.  One of the first things I wanted to test was the new fabled camera, and of course I wanted to try it out during a game a 40k.  I was really impressed, it took a bunch of really nice pictures in the terrible light of my garage at night.  I played a buddy of mine who wrecked me with his Sisters. 

On with the pictures.