Friday, February 24, 2012

Forgeworld Shadowsword battle damaged with Imperial Armour methods

I continued my work towards finishing my super heavies for the Bay Area Open by completing the battle damage for the second vehicle I may be bringing, my Forgeworld Shadowsword.  I did almost exactly what I had done to the Baneblade, with the main exception of saving the washing of the engine portion until I finish the oil paint in the cracks step. 

Next on the menu is to get some floor finish and oil paints to try using them for getting paints and rain effects on the armor of the vehicles.  This is the part I am most nervous about, hopefully it is as easy as most of the steps so far have been.

I used the same Baneblade decal sheet I used on the Baneblade to add some stickers.  I decided to name this tank "Wrath" from the available choices.  Once again I went with the number 31 to show some solidarity with the Baneblade.  Eventually I may get another Baneblade so I have a mixed company of Super Heavies.


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